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Imaging Core


Xiaoping Hu, Ph.D. or Ph. 404.712.2615

Equipment and expertise are available for imaging humans, non-human primates, rodents, and, most recently, invertebrates. Imaging Core personnel are available to work with investigators to design "special-needs" imaging technology.

Perhaps no technical development has changed clinical neuroscience as much as neuroimaging. The ability to visualize regional brain activation with PET or fMRI during a cognitive or behavioral task is redefining the functional anatomy of the primate brain. In the next decade, the challenges will be to develop imaging techniques for neurotransmitter-defined pathways, to optimize spatial resolution, to integrate simultaneously functional signals from distinct imaging modalities, and to create instruments for experimental use in a broad range of species. With the bioengineering and signal detection expertise at Georgia Institute of Technology, the considerable neuroimaging capabilities at Emory, and the radiochemical facility of the Emory PET Center, this core is positioned to address these challenges.


Mailing Address: Georgia State University,
PO Box 5090, Atlanta, GA 30302-5090
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