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Behavioral Technology Core

Contacts: Kim Wallen, PhD,, Ph. 404.727.4125


The Behavioral Technology Core assists researchers in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their behavioral research programs. We are developing tools for training observers and ensuring reliability both within and between observers. We can help in providing researchers with the most appropriate tools for collecting behavioral data, as well as tools that streamline the processing of data.

Our services primarily (but not exclusively) involve implementing new ways to use computers to increase efficiency, accuracy, and to expand the scope of an existing research program. We are available for consultation on research projects. The Behavior Tech Core assists in integrating new equipment, provides limited software development, and will help in identifying the most effective tools for behavioral observation or automated cognitive testing.


The Behavioral Core offers three technologies for collecting behavioral data. We have developed an application called Stopwatch+ (for use with Windows) for the timing of simple behaviors. For more complex behavioral observations, we have HandOBS (for use with Personal Digital Assistants running Palm OS) and The Observer (for use with Windows). The Observer may require the purchase of a license from Noldus Corporation.

Future development will be based on needs expressed by CBN researchers.

Software Downloads

Stopwatch+ (observational software for simple behaviors)

Obsummary (converts Observer data files into .csv files)


Mailing Address: Georgia State University,
PO Box 5090, Atlanta, GA 30302-5090
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