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Join the CBN: Post-Doctoral Membership Application


The Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, through a consortium of institutions in the Atlanta area, promotes the development of interdisciplinary teams of investigators and educators who are working to define the interaction between brain processes and complex behavior.


  • Each postdoctoral member must participate in research under the primary supervision of a Center faculty member that is related to the Center's mission.
  • Center members are expected to file annual reports that include recent publications and presentations, and other activities related to the Center.
  • Publications and professional work supported by the Center should acknowledge the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Application Procedure

Complete and submit the online CBN Post-Doctoral Membership Application form. Then send (email preferred) a current C.V. and a brief letter of support from the CBN faculty member with whom you work, to:



Reagan Koski
Project Coordinator, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 5090
Atlanta, GA 30302-5090



Mailing Address: Georgia State University,
PO Box 5090, Atlanta, GA 30302-5090
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