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Join the CBN: Graduate Student Membership Application


The Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, through a consortium of institutions in the Atlanta area, promotes the development of interdisciplinary teams of investigators and educators who are working to define the interaction between brain processes and complex behavior.


  • Each graduate student member must participate in research under the primary supervision of a Center faculty member that is related to the Center's mission.
  • Center members are expected to file annual reports that include recent publications and presentations, and other activities related to the Center.
  • Publications and professional presentations based on work supported by the Center should acknowledge the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience.

Application Procedure

Complete and submit the online CBN Graduate Student Membership Application form. Then send (email preferred) a current C.V. and a brief letter of support from the CBN faculty member with whom you work, to:



Reagan Koski
Project Coordinator, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 5090
Atlanta, GA 30302-5090



Mailing Address: Georgia State University,
PO Box 5090, Atlanta, GA 30302-5090
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