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Local/National Media Coverage

Science Daily

Brain Scientists Extend Map of Fear Memory Formation

The Economist


Researchers Explore Long-Term Adolescent Vulnerability to Drugs

The Times of India

Early Life Nurturing Impacts Behaviour

(The story also appeared in The Money Times and on

Georgia State University News

Researchers Shed Light on Trading Behavior in Animals -- and Humans

How Young Mice Phone Home: Study Gives Clue to How Mothers' Brains Screen for Baby Calls


Do Apes Laugh When Tickled?


Georgia State Helps to Showcase Biotechnology in the Peach State

Dateline NBC

Why do people cheat?

National Geographic News

Valentine's Day Rx: Four Future Love Drugs


Could we reduce love to a pill? Maybe, experts say.

BBC News, UK

'Clue' to sexes' pain differences

Humans and Chimps Register Faces by Using Similar Brain Regions

Long-Term Benefits of Morphine Treatment in Infants Confirmed in Rodent Study

Brain Chemical Could Spur Lovesickness

ABC News

Binging When Stressed May Be a Biological Need

Boy crabs boogie to bring females out of hiding


Emory Neuroscientist Honored by MIT's McGovern Institute

The Washington Post

Teen Agression May Really Be a State of Mind

Scientific American

Genetics of Childhood Trauma 


Mice Lacking Enzyme Renin Stay Lean On High-fat Diet, With Little Exercise 

Medical News Today

Linking Players in Blood Pressure Control to Metabolic Syndrome  


Biomarker for PTSD and Why PTSD Is So Difficult to Treat









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