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Henry Shen, Winner of the 2019 Atlanta Brain Bee, Places Fourth in the National Brain Bee Competition at the Penn State College of Medicine March 2019.

We are pleased to announce that Henry Shen of Oak Ridge, TN, represented Georgia in the National Brain Bee Competition in March of this year. Henry placed first out of 17 competitors at our February 9 competition at Emory University. Following his preparations including tutoring with our Brain Bee volunteers, Henry competed against 55 other competitors representing regional brain bees across the United States at the national competition which lasted for two days in Hershey, PA. We are so proud of him making it all the way and finishing fourth.

Henry was able to compete in our Atlanta Brain Bee since Tennessee does not have a competition in their state. The Atlanta Brain Bee is the only regional competition for the state of Georgia at this time. If you would like information about establishing a competition in your area, visit National Brain Bee Website.

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