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Undergraduate Education Committee

If you have questions about CBN's undergraduate programs, please contact Karen Falkenberg. If you have questions about this committee, please contact Duane Jackson.

Karen Falkenberg, CBN Director of Undergraduate Programs

Duane Jackson, PhD, Chair of CBN Undergraduate Education Committee, Department of Psychology, Morehouse College

Valerie Haftel, PhD, Department of Biology, Morehouse College

Robert Liu, PhD, Department of Biology, Emory University

Chuma Okere, PhD, Department of Biology, Clark-Atlanta University

Diana Robins, PhD, Department of Psychology, Georgia State University

Kelly Stout, PhD, CBN Associate Director

Kai McCormack, PhD, Department of Psychology, Spelman College


William Walthall, PhD, Department of Biology, Georgia State University


Mailing Address: Georgia State University,
PO Box 5090, Atlanta, GA 30302-5090
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