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Our Mission

To bring together the unique resources from a consortium of Atlanta colleges and universities to build a nationally recognized program that will (a) define the interaction of brain processes and complex behaviors, (b) create a cadre of interdisciplinary investigators focused on behavioral neuroscience, and (c) transfer relevant discoveries from the laboratory to the public.

Our Vision

To become an internationally recognized center for research elucidating the brain mechanisms of social behavior, that it educate new generations of research scientists and students in innovative, interdisciplinary ways of investigating these mechanisms, and that it transmit the excitement of behavioral neuroscience to the general public.



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Community Involvement

Sharing Neuroscience with the State of Georgia




Through unique partnerships, the Center has created a dynamic community focused on K-12 and public education. These partnerships create an avenue for CBN neuroscientists to share their research with the general public, raising awareness of the brain and the importance of brain health with people of all ages.


Zoo Atlanta


The CBN has partnered with Zoo Atlanta researchers to provide unique public access to cognitive research on the zoo’s great apes (gorillas and orangutans) and to provide vital ovulation information leading up to the birth of the zoo's first giant panda cub. Read more about our work with the pandas and the great ape cognitive research exhibits.


Georgia Bio


CBN has partnered with Georgia Bio to develop a biomedical industry seminar course for undergraduate students majoring in science or business and to expand Teacher Professional Development training to Georgia’s K-12 science teachers through a variety of workshops.


Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience


The Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (AC-SFN) and the CBN team annually with area scientists to visit local classrooms and share the importance of the brain during Brain Awareness Month each March. In addition, AC-SFN is the primary sponsor for the Georgia Regional Brain Bee and the Lending Library of teaching resources, both started by the CBN.


Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives


The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives is a tireless supporter of many of the Center's K-12 programs such as Brain Camp for Kids and the Institute On Neuroscience, by providing valuable resources and support to help us teach Atlanta about the brain.

Mailing Address: Georgia State University,
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