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Social Cognitive Neuroscience: Studies in Human and Non-Human Primates

Social cognitive neuroscience is an emerging discipline in the neurosciences. It focuses broadly on how group-living individuals recognize and respond to one another, read and interpret communicative signals, learn from one another's behavior, and make decisions about social interactions. Collectively, these skills enable long-lasting relationships within thriving social communities. When these skills become impaired, such as in autism, prominent social deficits exist and provide research with a rare opportunity for understanding the basic neurobiology of social cognitive functions. The conference agenda provides information about the speakers and the topics of their presentations. The presentations can be viewed with Quicktime by clicking on the video links below.

Download the 2009 Spring Symposium Agenda in PDF format here.

Quicktime VideoMichael Platt, Phd Quicktime VideoKatalin Gothard, MD, PhD
Quicktime VideoJames R. Blair, PhD Quicktime VideoKevin Pelphrey, PhD

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