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Memory and Cognition Collaboratory

Contacts:  Robert Hampton, PhD,, Ph. 404-727-5853

                    Jocelyne Bachevalier, PhD,, Ph. 404-727-9765

At A Glance

The Memory and Cognition Collaboratory addresses broad questions about memory and cognition, particularly as they relate to social behavior. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to individual recognition, processing of social signals, social dimension of mental dysfunction and comparative cognition.

Some of the key findings/developments from research in this collaboratory include:

  • In partnership with the CBN, Zoo Atlanta has developed an innovative “cognitive testing tree” that allows the public to view apes performing computerized cognitive experiments. This will help non-scientists understand how this type of research is conducted;
  • Research in rhesus monkeys indicates that these monkeys can identify faces of other familiar monkeys and understand a variety of social behaviors they see in videos. These results can help us understand the processes of human social recognition;
  • New techniques for imaging the active brains of awake, behaving monkeys using fMRI will allow scientists to observe what happens in the brain during specific cognitive activities.



Mailing Address: Georgia State University,
PO Box 5090, Atlanta, GA 30302-5090
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