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Davis Selected for 2006 APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award

Michael Davis, PhD, head of the CBN fear collaboratory and Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences and Psychology at Emory University School of Medicine, has been selected recipient of the 2006 American Psychological Association (APA) Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award. The award recognizes psychologists who have made distinguished theoretical or empirical contributions to basic research psychology. APA will present the award to Davis at its August 2006 meeting.

During his career, Davis has made a number of significant discoveries about the neural bases of fear. He determined that the amygdala is a central part of the neural circuitry involved in both fear learning and fear expression. Davis also demonstrated that the N-methyl-D-aspartate partial agonist, d-cycloserine, can improve the effectiveness of psychotherapy in people suffering from anxiety-related disorders.

“It is an extraordinary honor to receive this award and to be on a list with so many of my heroes in experimental psychology and neuroscience,” said Davis. “I am deeply appreciative to the APA and to all those who have given me so much support during my career, as well as the generous support from the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation.”


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